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Plant Collections

Woodland & Primrose Offerings | Peonies | Daylilies | Hostas

At Cider Hill Gardens, we offer a range of plants that are guaranteed to keep color in your garden all summer long. Our extensive plant collections are based on thirty plus years of experience as gardeners, and designed to bring you long lasting beauty.

Since 1983, we have practiced chemical-free, green gardening, as that is where our hearts and minds have always been. We use a custom-blended organically-based soil mix of compost, loam, leaf mold, peat, perlite, RootShield, and other organic amendments. Our young plants are also fed fish, kelp and bone meal, which they thrive on!


Earn plant shopping credits with every plant purchase and be eligible for special promotions and member events. Sign up for a free membership card on your next visit to the gardens.

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Daylilies and Sunflowers by Gary Milek

Daylilies and Sunflowers by Gary Milek
available online

At Cider Hill Gardens we pride ourselves on raising strong, healthy, and vibrant plants, and work to educate our customers on best growing practices for the plant collections we offer. When purchasing plants we invite you to pick up free plant literature. Join us for our series of workshops and sales days.

Start the season off with plants from our woodland and primrose offerings. Come June, delight in a dazzling array of showy Peonies, followed by bright and colorful Daylilies, and an array of shade-loving Hostas.

Plants are sold only on site. We do not ship plants.


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